Phillipp Kastner

As a web designer in the SEO industry, I am responsible for creating visually appealing, user-friendly and responsive websites that are optimized for search engines. I have a deep understanding of web design best practices and stay up to date with the latest design trends and technologies. I work closely with the development team to ensure that the websites are built with the latest technologies and are optimized for search engines. I use various design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch etc to create wireframes, mockups and final designs. My main responsibilities include creating and implementing design concepts, layouts, and templates that align with the clients’ branding and business goals. I also ensure that the website is accessible and user-friendly for all visitors, including those with disabilities. Additionally, I also collaborate with the SEO and content teams to ensure that the website’s design and structure support the SEO strategy. My ultimate goal is to create visually stunning, user-friendly and search engine optimized websites that drive conversions and business growth.

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